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Statement of Faith

Link Church boldly proclaims Jesus Christ as Savior, Healer, Holy Spirit Baptizer, and Soon Coming King. As an Assemblies of God church, we fully affirm the Statement of Sixteen Fundamental Truths that is set forth by the General Council of the Assemblies of God.

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Link Church exists to glorify Jesus Christ by empowering people to get linked to God, to others, to community, and to the nations.

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I remember when Clarksville Cinema first opened. Before that, we had to go to Russellville if we wanted to go to the movies. There was finally a place where friends could hang out, couples could date, and families could have a night together right here. This vision for a place that families could enjoy in Clarksville compelled those who first built the theatre in the mid-90s. I want to invite you, however, to travel back with me a bit further. When our great-grandparents came to this area, the church was the center of everything happening in the community. They established it as a place to worship God and to build healthy families. It often was the place where friends hung out, couples dated, and families enjoyed time together. The church impacted everything and everyone. What if we could give the gift that our great-grandparents enjoyed to our own great-great children? What if Exit 55 was no longer known as the place for an affordable family movie, but instead it became known as the new 312 Azusa Street? What if 2424 West Clark Road became the place where the message of Christ and the glory of God are accessible for our entire community? 

This is our vision:

“Together, we will establish a home for our Link family—a place where people from diverse cultural backgrounds gather to worship God in unity, transforming no less than ten percent of the population of Johnson County and impacting the nations of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

 This transformation will bless our community with strong marriages, healthy families, recovered addicts, and decreased crime and incarceration rates. We will establish a solid foundation for Link Church to flourish now and for many future generations. We will always welcome new individuals and families as part of our growing Link family. We will function in multiple locations, but we will exist as one family of God, never limiting our influence to a single location or people group. We will develop ministry sustainability by empowering our Link family to establish multiple streams of revenue within the boundaries of our mission (Deuteronomy 8:18).



The mission of Link Church is expressed in five words: Empower, Equip, Embrace, Enjoy, and Engage. These words give focus to everything that our staff, our church family, and those who partner with us will do as we pursue the vision God has given us.

  1. Empower: We will empower people to bring the Gospel, the healing power of Christ, and the reality of the Holy Spirit to the world.

  2. Equip: We will equip believers with the resources, knowledge, and support to do what they are called and gifted to do. 

  3. Embrace: We will embrace our Link family along with all who are hurting, broken, and lost, regardless of their situation or walk of life.

  4. Enjoy: We will enjoy serving our Savior through passionate worship, intensive study of Scripture, and practical service to our communities and beyond. 

  5. Engage: We will actively engage in the things of God and what He is doing through Link Church to effectively grow His Kingdom.


Team Values

Our Link Leadership Team values supernatural encounters with God, holistically healthy families, genuine relationships and connections, joyful servanthood, loyalty and trust among leaders, and self-replicating discipleship. These values will guide our leaders and the decisions that are made at all times. 

  1. We value supernatural encounters with God. Regardless of where people are in their faith journey, when they attend any of our services, we want them to leave saying, “surely God was in this place.” (Genesis 28:16)

  2. We value holistically healthy families. We will prioritize the spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, and financial health of families. As we equip families for success, our Link family will continually become healthier.

  3. We value genuine relationships and connections. We will intentionally build community, doing nothing alone that could be done alongside others. We will model insane levels of grace and forgiveness as we journey together through life.

  4. We value joyful servanthood. Jesus washed feet while others debated who was the greatest among them. Every team member will be always ready to serve others in whatever way is needed while maintaining an attitude of joy. We will take seriously the words of Christ, “Insomuch as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me.” 

  5. We value loyalty and trust among leaders. The word “heretic” was originally understood to mean “a divisive person.” Loyalty and trust are essential to unity and must be passionately pursued among team members.

  6. We value self-replicating discipleship. We will focus our efforts on forming disciples who love the Word, are passionate in worship, operate in spiritual gifts, and who replicate this process in others. 

Philosophy of Mission

We proclaim an unchanging message to an ever-changing world. We will never compromise the Gospel message, will never despise spiritual gifts, and will never stop creating space for supernatural manifestations of God’s power. At the same time, we will never stop seeking out creative ways to introduce lost humanity to Jesus Christ. We will adapt our methods whenever needed, while remaining anchored to our faith, purpose, mission, vision, and values. Relationships will always be a top priority in everything we do—relationship with God and relationships with people. We will be known as people of extreme faith with lavish love for our community. 

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