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June 17 - 21, 2024

New Church System Coming Soon!

Over the next few months we will be rolling out a new church system called PushPay and eventually a stand alone app for your phones and/or smart devices. For this process, we need to set up profile accounts for each of our church members and, we need up-to-date contact information. Please complete a form for each person in your family, so we can get this process started. Please help us by doing your part! 

Please click on the button to the left to be directed to the form to complete. 

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Ever felt like you just didn't fit? Maybe at home, work, school, or other walks of life. We know what you're thinking. Why even keep trying? Who really even cares? What difference does it make? At The Link we understand completely what you're feeling, because we have been there to. We want to invite you to come be part of our dynamic worship, anointed real life directed messages, and authentic fellowship with individuals who have been right where you are today. Quit putting it off.  Let's make today the day you GET LINKED. 

Newest Sermon Series 

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